The Finnish Society for Natural Philosophy

The Finnish Society for Natural Philosophy seeks to awaken and uphold activity and research into the philosophical questions raised by pure and applied natural science, and to bring together  the representatives of the different areas of science in these philosophical deliberations by promoting co-operatoion between them. The Society aims to study those achievements and theories of the different branches of science that strive to describe reality from different perspectives without preconceptions.  The Society does not bind itself to uncritical acceptance of  prevailing paradigms and physical conceptual frameworks but is open to soundly based alternatives where the  metaphysical core  i.e.  basis, and the empirical extent i.e. what it predicts and explains are  clearly and comprehensively expressed. Rules of the Society.

Meetings. To acieve its aims the Society arranges discussions and presentations as well as conferences. The Society convenes in autumn and spring sessions for presentations  and  discussions  on alternate Tuesdays, usually at 18:00-19:45 in The House of Sciences, Kirkkokatu 6,00170 Helsinki. There is free entry to these meeytings for the general public. The Society also arranges broad-based intedisciplinary symposia, lecture series and theme evenings. See the lists of the meetings and presentations of the Society.

History. The Society, in its first form,  was a seminar series held by physics professor K. V. Laurikainen in the 1980s. The history of the activities of the Society was published in 2015 in a  25-year history volume dedicated to its founder K.V. Laurikainen and is available as a hard-back version from the Tiedekirja outlet as well as an e-book. The Society is a member of the The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.

Members. Join as a member. If you are a member of the Society and your email address has changed or if you have not received email information sheets in the last few months, let the secretary of the Society know. Information security.